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Parachute Games

  • Waves On The Sea

Encourage the children to move the handles up and down to create waves on the fabric. Describe the parachute as the sea making small waves when its calm and BIG waves the sea is rough

  • Jumping Bean

Place a favourite small toy onto the parachute and encourage the children to make the toy jump up and down without falling off. We have often used a teddy shouting "Jump Teddy" as he jumps around.

  • Bouncing Balls

Place lots of balls on the parachute. Ask the children to shake the parachute and tell them that if a ball falls off they need to got get it an throw it back on. Yes this sounds like a very simple game but toddlers love collecting the balls.

  • Swimming InThe Sea

Another great activity for younger children. Select a child to sit in the middle of the parachute and encourage the other children to make makes. Toddlers particulary love this and often do not want to get off!






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